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Falling All Over Again
Words and Music by CokerCline © 1999

I know there are times
When I seem so far away
But you shouldnít worry at all

When Iím lost in my world 
And you think I donít see you there
You shouldnít worry at all

There are so many times
When youíve crossed my mind
You shouldnít worry
Put your doubts behind you

When I look in your eyes
I go places that Iíve never been
Falling all over
Iím lost in your smile
Soaring mile after mile and then
Iím falling all over again

Late in the night
Youíre laying by my side
I canít help but wonder some how

Will I be in your dreams
All that you need
I canít help but wonder some how

Then you come to me slowly
And give yourself to me
I canít help but wonder if you can see


When you whisper my name
Something inside of me gets carried away
One touch of your hand
And my knees start shaking, My body starts aching
To feel you touch me again