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Let You Go
Words and Music by CokerCline © 1999

I remember, sitting in the backyard swing
You were crying, little baby come running to me
“My doll is broken.” You said, “Daddy can you fix her please?”
Then I watched you kiss her cheek
And heard you whisper tenderly

How do I begin
To ever let you know
What you mean to me
And how I love you so
How do I begin
To ever face the end
And let you go

I remember, when love came to the door
You weren’t ready, but you weren’t a baby any more
“Dad I love him.” You said, “Trust me if you can.”
And as I tried to understand
I let you slip right through my hands


I remember, when the music started to play
You said, “Daddy, are you ready to give me away?”
Down the isle, I could hear the preacher say.
“You can let go of her hand
Who gives this woman to this man?”


How did it happen, how’d the years just slip on by
It feels so right, to have you sitting here by my side
Holding my hand, while this old man says goodbye
Then I feel you kiss my cheek
And hear you whisper tenderly