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How Do You Know
Words and Music by CokerCline © 2002

Just a man from a small town
In the city in a big crowd
And I saw her look at me

A beautiful lady
One to drive men crazy
Was she was heading right for me?

When I got up my nerve
To say the first words
She just walked on by
And left me wondering why

How do you know
Iím not more than I seam
How do you know
Iím not the man of your dreams
I didnít even get the chance
Just to try a little romance
How do you know
Iím not the marrying kind
How do you know
Iím not the love of your life
For all you know your work is done
How do you know Iím not the one

Should I bother
To try and follow
Would I even stand a chance

She looked over her shoulder
Felt a little bolder
Was there something in her glance

If I let her keep going
Thereíll be no way of knowing
And the words I should have said
Keep running through my head


Much to my surprise
She met me eye to eye
And said before you walk away
Thereís something Iíve got to say