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Iím Doiní Just Fine
Words and Music by CokerCline © 2001

Hey there girl do you remember me
I remember you the high school beauty queen
I lived across the tracks on the county line
Iím the youngest kid from that family of nine
I can see by your look you donít recognize me
Maybe this will help refresh your memory

Mama was a hooker
But boy she was a looker
Daddyís doiní time in jail.
Grandma loved her liquor,
And Grandpa used to hit her
For what they did, theyíll both burn in hell

My sister and my brother,
Fell in love with one another
My family tree looks more like a vine
All my family reunions,
Are in institutions
But look at me Iím doiní just fine

How have you been your still looking fine
Let me buy you a drink, catch up on old times
Weíll take a little walk in the evening air
Then go back to my place, its parked over there

Hey where are you going cant you see that Iíve changed
Iím perfectly normal itís my family thatís strange



I can wear fancy cloths and I can polish my boots
But I canít shake the dirt off of my family roots