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I've Been There
Words and Music by CokerCline © 1999

I couldnít believe it when she walked in
I never thought Iíd see her again
She still had that sparkle, that look in her eyes
And I could still hear her voice say goodbye
When I saw her, I stopped in my tracks
And I wondered if we could go back

Chorus I
I've Been There, holding her hand
I've Been There, when I was her man
While the whole world just fades away
And a touch says more than words can say
I've Been There

I couldnít believe it when he walked in
She put down her glass then she rushed to him
The way that she kissed him took my breath away
Then our favorite song started to play
With a whisper, he led her out to the floor
And he held her, like I had before

Chorus II
I've Been There, holding her tight
I've Been There, dancing all night
For a moment I live in the past
A moment I know that wonít last
I've Been There

I never realized what I was holding
There is a part of me inside that just feels broken
When I see it her hold his hand
I wonder why It canít be me

Chorus I & II